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Dolexo Security Services is a service driven company under Dolexo Ventures limited providing various security service solutions. The composition of the personnel within the company reflects the diversity of disciplines involved in business and management.

Dolexo Security offers practical, market-led solutions to organizations, residential homes, offices, business malls and corporations focused on bringing value to the base of the pyramid. We believe that security is an essential service in any environment. Dolexo Security is at the forefront of efforts to move Security services from a product-led to a market-led approach. The market-led approach focuses on putting the customers at the Centre of the business – thus gaining loyal customers, establishing more profitable partnerships and ensuring greater developmental impact.

Dolexo Security strives to render services of the highest quality to its customers. This is achieved through a team approach, the awareness of its assignment environment and professional advice is essential. Dolexo Security offers quite a number of security services to ensure the world around you is secure and safe for you to operate 24hrs freely and comfortably. We listen, understand and then provide relevant and leading security solutions to various industries countrywide. Our unique approach allows our clients to receive specific and dedicated consultancy services in order for them to reduce risk and increase productivity.

How Dolexo Security Achieves Professionalism?

All Security officers are thoroughly vetted by Dolexo Security management during recruitment. The internal vetting procedures include a thorough interview of all Security Officers, past employment history and reference letters. External vetting procedures include, but are not limited to authentication of documents presented including Certificate of Good Conduct.

All Security officers attend a two week training course before posting. Those who fail course work exams are left out and not issued with certificates. Training given to the security officers is tailor made to suit specific industries.

All Security officers work on a 12-hour shift, 6 days per week. They each get one day off every week. Relievers are provided to cover for the off days and annual leave. Any new Security officer is introduced in writing to the client prior to deployment. All Security officers including dog handlers are uniformed and adequately equipped. They are supervised by a mobile supervision team at least twice every shift. Guard Electronic Protection Systems GEPS (where installed) are connected to our alarm transmitter and are used by the guards to provide real patrol monitor system.

A professional management team monitors the overall operation and provides the link between our staff on the ground and the client’s management team. Generally our management will occasionally meet the client to discuss performance and provide solutions or adjustments as required. Minor operational problems are rectified immediately by the Deployment Officers and Supervisors during their daily visits.


  • Guarding Services
  • Private Investigation
  • Close Protection
  • Event Security
  • Security Consultancy
  • Security Training
  • Guard Dogs – T9
  • CCTV Installation

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