Security Services

  • Guarding Services
  • Dolexo Security offers quite a number of security services to ensure the world around you is secure and safe for you to operate 24hrs freely and comfortably. Among the services that we offer are guarding services which are 24hrs round the clock with our trained and confidential security officers. Our assignment areas are: residents, offices, business malls, etc. They are also supervised by qualified supervisors thrice in every shift.
  • Event Safety and Security
    In events such as weddings, graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, we offer safety with our team being part and parcel of Asset protection and also offer security services. Our security officers are sent on the ground a day before the event to survey and analyze the risk areas and to Mann accordingly on the day of event. Our officers make sure that everything that belongs to our clients properties are safe and that they are the last ones to live the grounds when the function is over.
  • Guard Dogs
    We offer dog security services at residential and companies. Our dog handlers are well trained to give customer satisfaction.
  • Access Control Systems
    Our Security are well trained to communicate, to detect, to direct and to organize all access controls.
  • CCTV Systems Solutions
    Dolexo security has well trained officers in CCTV monitoring on 24hrs basis. These services can as well be offered to companies, supermarkets and even buildings that have access to different people. We have a team of CCTV Controllers who can detect, control and prevent crime through CCTV. Our professional team will install, monitor and service the camera for our esteemed clients at a reasonable fee.
  • Security Risk Analysis
    At Dolexo security you will find officers who can survey your premises and offer security advice, measures and alerts that will ensure our clients are secure and very comfortable around them. Apart from surveying, our team will provide a detailed report concerning the survey and give proper recommendations.
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